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Traditional Pesto is made by hand with a pestle and mortar using freshly cut herbs and spices and the luscious green pesto, with the irregular pieces of basil and twirl of fragrant olive oil mixed through and sits just under the lid is hard to find.


You probably thought you could never replicate that pesto with a machine. A  mortar and pestle creates irregular pieces of basil and jagged pieces of nuts that cling incredibly well to cooked pasta. The good news is that Satch’s Pesto's thoughtful planning does create the traditional pesto. 

Staggering ingredients into a food processor and adding the basil in distinct additions,  makes Satch's pesto sing with flavour and cling better to pasta or bread or over steak more than most other pastes.


Our Products


Freshly harvested herbs, fruits, vegetables and spices, brought together naturally.  

Basil Pesto made on the day the basil is cut,  with fresh garlic, almonds,  sunflower and pumpkin seeds blended with farm-fresh olive oil and lemon juice

Satch's Coriander Pesto Paste oozes with the spicy richness of cardamom, cumin, salt, garlic, chilli, blended with creamy cashews, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, oilive oil and lemon juice