Mark and Berni Crewe-Brown have kept the passion for growing and developing fresh produce into healthy meals during their 38 plus years together.  This passion has been inherited from both their parents who passed this knowledge and love.  

Berni studied growing herbs and vegetables at the Lifestyle college in 2006.  Year on year their passion for good fresh food evolved in a variety of ways.  Designing potager garden, that included herbs and vegetables for companion planting and natural insect repellents. 

Berni Crewe-Brown

Promotes healthy living through sustainable ways where produce is local , seasonal and organic.  


They have been growing their own natural herbs and vegetables to capacity over the years and have partnered with like minded growers when requiring mo

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Mark Crewe-Brown

The Crewe-Browns have been farmers since 1878.  The tradition of producing healthy food from own produce has been handed down to the present.  Mark has infinite patience and a sensitive awareness of good quality products.